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Photographer Natalie Post


Hey, you! I'm delighted you decided to read this. I'm blushing a bit, I'll admit it. 

About me? You can follow along on my instagram to get more of a feel for who I am, but here’s the gist when it comes to photography: I wanted to be a wildlife photographer, until I realized I had something more important to do (although baby lions are still very important - see wildlife gallery for evidence).

I think of myself as an emotional archeologist. I’m here to remind you of all of the love in your life, including (read: ESPECIALLY) your love of yourself. I want every person I photograph to walk away with a portrait you’re proud to share, that captures your essence wherever you are in this moment in life.

When I’m not taking photos, you can find me eating Thai food, laying on the floor with whatever animals are around, plotting my next adventure, watching FRIENDS, or telling anyone who will listen about the latest documentary I saw.

Some of my very favorite moments:

  • Hearing "this is the first photo of myself I've loved in years."

  • That split second family portrait where everyone's personality is on display.

  • An emotional candid that perfectly captures the energy of an event.

  • Delivering “wow”-worthy prints that will outlast an Instagram account and give you the feels every. single. day.

Now what about you? Looking forward to getting to know you!

Natalie Post, owner and photographer, Post Productions Photography

Natalie Post, owner and photographer, Post Productions Photography

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