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Pricing: Coaching - Retouching images

Private coaching for photographers.


Coaching: Retouching images

Private coaching

High-quality, natural-looking retouching is a photographer's secret weapon when uncooperative angles/clothing/weather/expressions/you-name-it threaten to distract from your clients' final product. I offer 1:1 coaching to help fellow photographers learn or improve their retouching skills. I'd love to work with you!

Cost: $200 / hour

You bring: Computer (required), Photoshop (required), Lightroom (required), Graphics tablet (recommended but not required)

How it works: We meet one-on-one, as often as you'd like, and focus on the skills you want to learn or improve.

Skills I teach:

  • Portrait retouching (e.g. natural skin touch-ups, smoothing clothes wrinkles, teeth-whitening, removing stray hairs, adding volume to hair, etc.)

  • Head swaps and composite photos (e.g. swapping someone's closed-eyes version for open-eyes version)

  • Expression altering (e.g. cranky baby to happy baby)

  • Body contouring (smoothing and shaping)

  • Weather adjustments (e.g. cloud overlays, adding sun and light)

  • Removing distracting objects (e.g. a pole in the background)

  • And more! | 425-466-6693