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The Experience: How it works


When you hire me, you’re not just paying someone with a camera to take a picture of you, you’re commissioning an artist to create an experience for you - an experience that leaves you with images that aren’t just pictures of your face. They make people feel like they already know you when they look at them, and make you feel nothing short of spectacular, every single time you see them. 

There is so much more going on than picture taking when you do a session like this. Think of it as a celebration…plus a little bit of therapy. 

First, there’s the session itself. You’re all dolled up, you’re dressed your best, you’re flooded with compliments, being reminded of all of your best features and why they’re amazing. You’re having fun and feeling fabulous - your confidence skyrockets

Then, you receive incredible images of yourself, better than you may have thought possible, and you get to share them with everyone you know. Your friends/partners/family freak out over how amazing you look, and then flood you with even more compliments - confidence is now through the roof.

You then take that new confidence out into the world with you - confidence that permeates every area of your life. Are you as excited as I am?! Let’s get started!

Here's a brief overview of the process of working together. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Explore our packages: Check out our pricing pages to learn about your options and the packages that might be right for you.

  2. Contact us: Fill out our contact form to share your name, contact info, and a bit about the packages and timing that sound good to you.

  3. Introductory conversation + scheduling: We'll talk on the phone or video chat. We'll discuss your vision for your photo session, spaces in your home with room to display your portrait art, specifics about the session type and location that are best for you, and get you scheduled for your session.

  4. Confirmation + payment: We'll send you your invoice, to be paid within 24 hours, as well as confirmation info including your session details, clothing guide, and preparation checklist to help you prepare for your photo session.

  5. Photo session: The main event! We'll work efficiently and have a lot of fun. Check out our reviews to hear what clients have to say about the experience.

  6. Viewing appointment (online or in-person): 2 weeks after your photo session, we'll meet online or in-person to view your photo gallery and pick out your favorite images, design custom wall display, discuss framing, prints, digital packages - everything you need to display and enjoy your new portrait art.

  7. Get your images: After your viewing appointment, we’ll do any final touches on your images, deliver digitals, and send your order off to our professional labs to finalize your art.

  8. Stay in touch! I'm always available for questions and future photo sessions. | 425-466-6693